Monday, March 5, 2007

Sens vs Blackhawks - Sens: "Games last 60 minutes now?"

BlackHawks 4 - 3 Senators

The one that got away. Yes, there have been a few of them this year. What can be said about this game other than that last goal never should have happened.

You've read the game reviews, and likely watched the game on Sunday afternoon, so I won't bore you with a recap. However, I will bring some interesting observations to your attention.

Alfredsson played a really good game. Look no further than the 1 G 1 A, and 3 shots on net that he got in the game.

Gerber is good at shootouts - if only we could score one! I would also add that I think he's better than Emery at them. Anyone who has seen Mighty Ducks 2 with that blonde chick "The Cat" knows that you #1 goalie is not always your best choice. God Bless you Coach Bombay, you've taught us so much.

Havlat (the 6-million dollar man) did not have a big impact on the game, though he always (deservingly) drew plenty of attention when he had the puck, and Chris Neil hit him hard a couple times.

The Sens are facing their most likely playoff opponent the Pittsburg Penguins on Tuesday. Listening to the Sens Underground podcast today, one of the hosts admitted to fearing the fact that the sens will play the pens (expect to hear that sens-pens phrase alot) in the playoffs because Pitts recently acquired a whole bunch of tough guys (including Gary Roberts) to protect Sidney Crosby and generally kick ass all over the ice.

I do not fear the Penguins. They are too young and easily bruised. "Neiler, go get 'em!"

Expect Chris Neil to go after Crosby, then Laraque goes after Neil, then McGratton goes after Laraque - it's the hockey food chain! (The game is on A-Channel).

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