Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sens flying under the radar

"If there's another way to do it, you'd think I'd know by now" - Sloan

Everyone has had enough of the Ottawa Senators. They've had their chance. They're not as strong as last year. They choke. They have no grit. They're perfect.

Not one of the hockey pundits has picked the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup this year. For the first time in 4 seasons, they are the underdog.

That's why this is the perfect year for them to win it all. We are set up for the Cinderella story right now. An unproven goalie leading his team to the Stanley Cup finals? Unheard-of! ...unless you've heard of Patrick Roy or Cam Ward.

Look at the winners of the past few Stanley Cups, at least one of the teams in the final came from obscurity to grab the spotlight. Why the Sens this year? Why not?! They are taking the long road to the Stanley Cup, and I think it will only improve this team. Not only this year, but in seasons to come as well.

So don't get too down when the Senators lose a game, because they're taking the scenic route to the Cup. And if they do lose in the first round this year - so what? We're back on even ground with the rest of the league. Newsflash - 29 teams don't win the Stanley Cup each year. But this year could be ours. No longer powerhouses - now there's another way to do it.
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