Saturday, March 3, 2007

Is Mats Sundin The Result of a Failed Experiment?

To follow up on a comment by Ben...

Quote: "Leafs suck.

...and I still believe that Mats Sundin is the ugliest man in the NHL."

Some of my housemates here in Kingston, Leafs fans included, are firm believers that a few years ago a mad Swedish doctors took a almost newborn child and, through a new form of genetic enhancement, stretched them by 6 feet vertically and 3 feet horizontally. Upon completion of the experiment the doctor mistakenly typed the child's name, formerly "Matt", as Mats on the new birth certificate (making the child not only have a ridiculous name but also 36 years older at the same time).

Can you see the resemblances... the baby teeth, the cheeks, the emotionless stare, the hair... oh the hair...
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