Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One streak ends, another continues!

The streak that continues...

The Ottawa Senators have made the playoffs for a decade straight. That's pretty impressive no matter what team accomplishes it, but it should be extra special for the Senators who have not missed the playoffs since they first made it there in 96-97.

That's not to say that the team has gotten better every year, but rather that effective management has allowed the Senators to fill in the cracks relatively seamlessly. If not for the early-season collapse (better than a late-season collapse, I guess) the Senators would be first in the Eastern Conference right now, despite all they lost in the off-season.

The streak that ends... Bruins 3 - 2 Senators

The Senators lost in regulation last night to the Boston Bruins. This is the first time that the Senators have lost in regulation time (without getting a single point) in around 20 games! In the words of Bryan Murray, "We played so damn well on the road." Was the cursing necessary? Yes, it probably was. It's a great stat to fall back on when you consider that all playoff games are 5-on-5 20 minute periods - no shoot outs or 4-on-4.

The Drive for Five-ty

Heater picked up a goal last night and he's now on pace for 48 goals this season - not good enough Dany! If you don't make it to 50 this season I will photoshop whatever number you do get onto the back of your jersey - and you will have to live with that number until I find something more cruel to do! So just hit 50 goals this season and we can call the whole thing off.

Doesn't Mike Fisher look good with that 'A' on his jersey? He deserves it - not only is he Canadian, but I'm sure he has other good qualities too! The more people on our team named 'Mike' the better!

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