Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Looking forward to the Leafs?!

Now on a three-game slump, the leafs could be just what the doctor ordered for the sens. The Leafs are a tough team, but the Ottawa Senators know they're capable of beating them, so I expect a slight morale boost, especially if Jason Spezza returns.

I know, I know. Spezza is known for his turnovers and Heatley often plays BETTER without him in the lineup - but could it be that the sens are simply not the same team without him? The Senators need Jason Spezza - strange, but true.

This is an odd revelation coming from the me, the man who once checked to see if was available (it is!), but I think he's contributes slightly more than he detracts. Against the Leafs, the senators will need that edge.

Goaltending Issues

Let it be known that there is no goaltending controversy in Ottawa... but there should be.

Right now, Ray Emery is the #1 - there is no doubt about that. However, if Brian Murray were to put Martin Gerber in net against the Leafs, and he were to win (especially in regulation). Then we would have a rather pleasant situation on our hands.

Test the waters Murray! Gerber will never walk again, if he's not given the chance to crawl once in a while.
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