Sunday, March 11, 2007

Man.... shit man.... shit

Leafs 4 - 3 Senators

As stated in my previous post, I attended this game at the ACC in Toronto. It was a unique experience to see another team's arena.

During the second period, we were riding high - high-fiving our fellow sens fans. We were quickly humbled after that intermission by a series of disappointments, and another third period collapse.

There are no more excuses. But I do excuse a few people: Ray Emery and, Mike Fisher.

Rayzor kept us in the game in the first period. A number of glove, stick and toe saves kept this game from being a Leafs blow-out from the beginning... even the refs helped us out a couple times. Emery faced 45 shots this game, and our defense not only played weak, they even looked weak. Andrej Mezaros has to hit the gym, because he can barely outmuscle anyone - especially not Mats Sundin.

Mike Fisher plays without fear because he has Jesus on his side, and he played really well getting across the blue line and into the Leafs zone with ease.

Gotta go - pics tomorrow.
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