Thursday, May 17, 2007

Book it: I'm never watching Sportsnet again

I was pissed when I saw this article on the sportsnet website: McCormick says Sabres in 7. One of their anchors suggests the utter insanity that, after losing one game, the Senators will lose another 3 consecutive games. The rage inside me is simply indescribeable.

Now, I know that Sportsnet is a Toronto station, there aren't many stations in Canada that are not Toronto-based. I've always cut sportsnet slack because they hired Ian Mendes, a sens fan who isn't afraid to call Toronto on their shit (which I expect him to in a blog in the coming days). I also cut sportsnet slack because they pick up a few sens games during the regular season.

Then I read this article, Lang: "I'm just as dumb as McCormick".

Now I've had enough.

There is no reasonable explanation why a journalist would suggest this, other than pure dislike of our team. I can expect them to be bitter after their Leafs and their Canucks were beat out of the playoff, but this is no way to show support for the only Canadian team remaining. So I'm telling you this now, and I hope it makes its way back to whomever runs sportsnet. You're a second-rate TSN and I refuse to watch your station anymore. You have sworn your alliegences and they are clearly not with the city of Ottawa - not even in the slightest.

I'm sorry Ian.
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