Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey Stanley! Call me when you get into town!

It's not without some feelings of sadness that I present you with my final instalment of Playoff Predictions for the 2007-2008 season. I suppose like everything else in life, when something is going really well for you the last thing you want to do is say goodbye, and that is exactly how I feel about this year's playoffs. *Note bragging and shameless self promotion to follow*

Not only is my team... or our team as it were... about to compete for the ultimate prize in hockey (yes this is way more important to me than an Olympic Gold Medal not that I remember what that really looks like recently... thanks Wayne) but I've also had a very successful ride through the playoffs this year in calling the outcomes.

Thanks to the Ottawa and Anaheim victories in the Conference Finals, my record now stands at 13-1, better than any TSN or ESPN "Expert Analyst" (the latter being a much easier feat to accomplish than the former.) So with just one series left it doesn't take Ms. Cleo to decipher who i see in my final prediction:

Stanley Cup Final - Ottawa vs Anaheim

I'll make this short and sweet.

  • Anaheim has two very big names on the blue line, but Ottawa's overall team defence is stronger. Defence advantage Ottawa.
  • While I love Ray Emery, J.S. Giggy is one of a kind and can steal games like Hasek and Roy did in their prime. Goaltending advantage Anaheim.
  • Frankly I don't even feel i need to compare this field. Offence advantage Ottawa.
  • Have you seen our fricken penalty kill? The PP hasn't be amazing recently but if that starts to click again, lookout. Special Teams advantage Ottawa.

Either way Ottawa brings home the Cup, in 5 or 6 Games.

On an unrelated topic... I just want to say one thing. I'm not a journalist; I don't get paid to write fairly about sports or to give both sides of something. Look at the name of this blog... clearly everything you get here is... or in my opinion at least should be... biased. Frankly I feel I've seen way too much Ottawa doubting on here for the past couple weeks. Now I'm not naming any names... but where is the undying biased loyalty that your team is always the best team in the existence of the world no matter if they're last in the league or win the Stanley Cup. Come on now:

"I was feeling pretty down about our chances against Anaheim"

''Simply, this game the bounces went in Buffalo's favour. What does this mean for the series? Well, it means the bounces have been going in Ottawa's favour 3 times as often as the Sabres"

"Whereas Ottawa seems to be enjoying their ride to the Final, the Ducks seem determined to capture the Cup, and nothing less"

"We won the last game by one crappy goal. One! Not four. So let's not say that we've been kicking their asses across the ice, because with a couple of changes, last game could have gone to the Sabres 3 - 1"

Maybe it's just my mentality, but "Sens Army" should be about undying, partial, prejudice commentary on why our team is the most life changing thing since peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

Cheers folks, Enjoy the finals... which still don't start for another 3 fricken days!

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