Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Sens' City gets pumped!

Outside Ottawa City Hall, at approximately noon today, Senators supporters gathered to show that this stuffy bureaucratic town can party down!!!! ....during their lunch break.

I heard it was going on through facebook and decided to check out the rally to see if anything was actually going on. Once again, the City closed down a road and allowed the revelers their own space to party down. The Mayor, Larry "Skeletor" O'Brien was there abusing his position on stage to repeatedly say that Ottawa is the best city in Canada, despite the constantly rising taxes and service cuts (somehow those go hand-in-hand here!).

But there was alot to be happy about. A ton of people showed up with signs and homemade Stanley Cups. A plane flew over the downtown core pulling a sign, "Bring Stanley Home," it said. This city is getting pumped.

Regionally-recognized hip-hop recording artist Belly was there to peform the creatively named song "Go Sens Go". It was pretty good despite the title - sucks to be the sens players that didn't get a shout-out during the song... Gerber, Preissing - sorry guys. A few former Senators showed up including Brad Marsh, Shaun Van Allen and, my personal favourite, Ron "Tugger" Tugnutt.

A banner was lowered from the roof of City Hall and is now draped across the building.

Unfortunately, no current sens players showed up. The crowd would have gone insane. Maybe next time. Major kudos to the organizers for putting this whole thing together in only 3 days. If I were the people running these facebook groups, I would be careful what I suggest - they seem to weild much power these days.
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