Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just laugh it off

Saw this on Scarlett Ice and I just had to post it. Is it just me or does this show rely on stereotypes?

Best post-game headline has to be awarded to the Ottawa Sun.

Let's not forget that this is just game 1. I thought after the game there would be a sense of calm... let's remember that the Senators are in it for the long haul, and that they haven't lost 2 games in a series in these playoffs. Still, the alarmists on the call-in shows and in the papers want to cruxify all the team members... *sigh* Haven't you been watching these playoffs? Just wait for Heatley et al to catch fire - don't forget they had to travel back in time to play in Anaheim - that's gotta mess with pre-game preparations.

Whether or not they win game 2, I think that returning to Ottawa is going to be a big boost for the club. There's a giant Daniel Alfredsson on the top of City Hall right now... just wait till he sees that!

The Sens are tough this year.

Game 2's time for them to get going.
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