Monday, May 28, 2007

Post Game 1 analysis: Ouch

The sens' top line failed to produce, and a lazy third period cost us the game. In my opinion, (you may disagree) Ray Emery could only be fauled for the second goal. Considering the other saves that he made, I think we can cut him some slack.

The sens' defenders have to do a better job of keeping the Ducks' forward away from the next, and not allowing them to hack at Emery's glove following the inital stop.

On the bright side, we came real close to tieing the game. If not for a great glove save by J.S. Giguere, I would still be sitting on the front lawn at City Hall, bathing in the smoke (cigar, cigarette and 'other') of people who want to take every opportunity to light up when in close proximity to others.

I will leave further analysis to the rest of the Sens Army team tomorrow. I'm sure they will have lots to say.

No party on Elgin tonight I guess. Monday's not really a party day anyway. We'll see what sort of shinanigans happen on Wednesday - it IS the new Friday, after all.
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