Thursday, May 17, 2007

Put the cart before the horse

It's an inherent flaw in all of sports that the final score of the game determines how well the team plays. Wait, that's not right... but that's exactly how writers, journalists, and even fellow bloggers react. Look no further than sportsnet or TSN and you will find that the Sabres played a much better game tonight... but they didn't. You will find that the Senators showed more flaws than usual - but they didn't.

This is putting the cart before the horse - getting it backwards. From what I saw of the game the Senators were not playing as fast as they can - this, in my opinion, was their major flaw from that game. But the sens have flaws every game, but they're normally just paved over by some other factor that led to their win.

So let's just call this game for what it was, a slight advantage from a desperate Sabres team. But this has been the case since game 1. Simply, this game the bounces went in Buffalo's favour. What does this mean for the series? Well, it means the bounces have been going in Ottawa's favour 3 times as often as the Sabres, that bodes well for us. Essentially, keep up the good effort and the law of averages should kick in next game - and we will have our victory - not because of any extraordinary effort, simply by the best team winning.

So don't let the final score fool you, the Senators played the same game they always have in these playoffs, but this time the other team won.
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