Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sens Defeat Devils Roundtable

Tonight, watching the game with friends, I will go around the room and get everyone's impressions regarding the Senators recent defeat of the New Jersey Devils.

Nick: Oh wow, okay the NJ "Brodeurs" were shut down because they're a 1 goalie team, and once you bypass the trap by dumping into their zone and chasing the puck, you've pretty much screwed over new jersey... just like Pittsburgh once you shut-down these 2-player teams, they've got nothing.

Jamie: Fuck yeah - 'nuff said.

Shawn: I lost my drugs. Good game! ...I also lost dinner because I bet Kyle that New Jersey would take the series in six.

Kyle: Again Emery did not have to play amazingly because their the NJ offense didn't show up. Hahah - they turned into another Vancouver.

Ben: A great game by the sens. Emery was there when we needed him and the top line continues to kick ass. When the CBC audio stopped and they had to pick up the Versus audio stream, I noticed that other commentators actually give Ray Emery credit. It was fantastic. I want to listen to the rest of the game through Versus - way to go John Vanbiesbrouck!

Gray: My impression was that I was impressed... Can't say I was there, Ben. (Ben's note: he wasn't really paying attention - he was tending to the fried egg sandwiches.)

Asha: I thought it was kick ass. It was kick ass because it means we're going to the third round.
Well said Asha, well said. GO SENS GO!!! ROUND THREE MOFOS!!!
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