Friday, May 4, 2007

Very funny Marty!

"Ray Emery doesn't look too good right now" - Martin Brodeur

"Martin Brodeur is shit on a stick" - Ben

In the NHL playoffs there's no strategy quite like the ol' 'scramble for a reason', and I think that's what Brodeur is doing.If the Devils should have realized anything by now, it's that the only way to shake Ray Emery is to score goals - and that's a job they seem to have forgotten about recently... shutout streak anyone?

Emery, unlike some previous Senators goaltenders, has a sound mental game. He's just way too cocky to allow anything to effect him - the man has an ego barrier that's 3-feet thick.

It's the same case in the Vancouver - Anaheim series, you can't win games without scoring goals. No matter what the performance of the goaltender, the team has to pick up the slack and put some shots on the net. To the credit of the Senators' defenders, this is something that the Devils have had a difficult time doing.

(PS: Nice try by Luongo and the 'Nucks, but they've gotta get some offence to go with that crazy goaltending... Everyone loves twins, but if they can't score goals...)

It's kinda like I said near the beginning of the series over at the 2manadvantage comments section:
"We have a goalie and Dany Heatley - beat that."
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