Friday, May 25, 2007

Too long of a Break?

In honour of the Stanley Cup Finals and in sheer disgust with the NHL brass for starting the series almost a full week after the last game was played... thereby making NHL hockey appear almost as boring as NFL football... here's a list of other important things in the world that are can be abbreviated by SC! - 15 of them because Heatley should have my man babies (See what happens when you take hockey away, wow this reminds me of the lockout.)

  1. StarCraft! Oh the memories I have of you.
  2. Santa Claus! He's jolly, he's fat and he's a fan of Little People, Big World on TLC.
  3. Stratum Corneum! Your top layer of skin. "Dude your SC is showing!"
  4. Senior Citizen! See: Detroit Red Wings.
  5. Spontaneous Combustion! What happens if your gassy and don't let it out.
  6. SHOUTcast! Letting you play all the music no one wants to hear, 24/7.
  7. Securities (and Exchange) Commission! The reason Eugene Melnyk decided it was a good time to retire.
  8. Student Council! Where all the popular kids went at lunch to inter-breed.
  9. South Carolina! See: Place below North Carolina
  10. Santa Cruz! Tom Cruise's nickname in the Scientology community. (Or a province in Argentina)
  11. Soft Core! The type of entertainment at night on the french channel (Cable 11) in Ottawa.
  12. Santé Canada! Because this wasn't an HC acronyms list.
  13. Southern Comfort! My friend if the finals don't go as planned.
  14. Soul Calibur II! I rock at that game, but only with Raphael.
  15. Sexual Content! Two letters on a movie box that lets you know it'll be good.

Feel free to add more.

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