Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It could be over! ...but maybe not!

That headline isn't mine, it belongs to Bob Cole... and he's a professional freaking broadcaster. He said that in the New Jersey series... idiot.

Anyway, it's been a rather unexpected series so far. Everyone's been saying how the Sabres failed to show up, and how the Senators have been dominating every aspect of the game, especially special teams.

Guys, let's keep this all in perspective. We won the last game by one crappy goal. One! Not four. So let's not say that we've been kicking their asses across the ice, because with a couple of changes, last game could have gone to the Sabres 3 - 1. Let that be a lesson for tonight's game: keep the pressure on the Sabres, and don't let them out of the trap that we've worked so hard to get them into.

I read an article in the Ottawa Citizen today about the way that Ottawa is celebrating our team's success. In Ottawa, there is no Red Mile. Yeah, there is no central place for sens fans to celebrate. But look where our arena is positioned! As shown in my sophisticated map - the freaking arena is an hour away from downtown! There isn't even a bar within walking distance of Scotiabank Place.

Ottawans (???) prefer to celebrate in their own ways. Bars are packed. Entire households stare for hours at their television, and the city becomes quiet during games. This is how we celebrate. Canada, get used to it. Also, there is The Market in downtown Ottawa that I hear is awesome to be at... maybe I should check that out. But I like the way I watch the game, two beers and a TV... sweet.

So keep up the awesome work sens! When we get into the finals, it may be the first instance of a crying high-five in my life.
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