Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Food for Fodder

Oh, hello there - I didn't see you come in. I was just examining my exact life-sized replica of the Stanley Cup. Oh it's such fun. You realize so many fun things, like how the Leafs haven't won in 40 years, and how the Sabres have NEVER WON THE CUP! Yeah, it's a fun activity...

I've been reading alot of smack over the past couple days about how the Sabres are better. Namely this turd and a couple others. Alot of people are picking the Sabres - and there's no reason they shouldn't... except for the fact that the Sabres will not win this series.

Canada's response was this article from - 8 reasons the Senators will win.

Also, Sean McCormick from gets absolutely molested on his blog when he picks the Sabres to win - read the comments.

Let's not forget that many people picked the Penguins to beat Ottawa. The freaking Penguins! The Senators did away with them in 5 games. The Senators then faced what was supposed to be a challenge in the New Jersey Devils. Again, the opponent was dispatched in only 5 games. What's that Sabres? You needed 6 games to defeat New York? That's too bad - they must have put a little scare in your mind. Good, good - we'll use that.

Little reminder: the Senators just beat Martin Brodeur. Who is this Miller guy? Why should we care? The sens found holes in one of the greatest goalies ever. What chance have you got?

They call us a one-line team... then obviously they're not paying enough attention. The Senators second the third lines are the jabs before the knockout blow. They hit you - hard. They will get the Sabres running around in their own zone. Then, the Sabres are tired, they're hurting. Send in Heatley - the top scorer in the playoffs. Haven't had to deal with that yet, eh Sabres?

Let me leave you with one final thought. Remember Cam Ward? Yeah, he's back - in black!
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