Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sens face Anaheim for the Cup

I'm pulling the late shift here at the Sens Army blog. It was an exciting game between the Ducks and the Red Wings tonight, and I believe that this is the first time our blog has even acknowledged the existance of the Western Conference outside the playoff picks.

I was feeling pretty down about our chances against Anaheim until Detroit stormed back, scoring 3 goals in the 3rd period to make the game 4-3. I was thinking about the defence of Anaheim - Pronger, Niedermayer and Beauchemin. They will undoubtedly prove a challenge for the Spezza-Heatley-Alfredsson line. In goal, J-S Giguere, a goalie who has now twice proven himself amoung the elite of the NHL. On offence, before tonight's game, Pronger actually leads the team in points, followed by Ryan Getzlaf and Teamu Selanne.

An interesting side-note: Ducks' captain Scott Niedermayer barely acknowledged the Western Conference trophy following his team's win. This indicates a philosophical difference between the two teams: whereas Ottawa seems to be enjoying their ride to the Final, the Ducks seem determined to capture the Cup, and nothing less.

The Stanley Cup Finals start Monday... yeah, a freaking week from now - what was even the point of the sens winning their series in 5? It could have gone seven, and we'd still have 5 days off. I don't know the cause of this, but because I am Canadian I am going to blame it on those damned American television stations.

Playoff beard update - pre-Finals edition!
Although I haven't updated you all in a long, long time, I have resisted the urge to shave my beard and return from the wilderness. I have had to modify it at the request of certain parties, but the spriti of the beard remains - and it's not gone until we win the Cup!

Beard tips for those who want to take up the challenge next year:
  1. You will be shunned, try to accept it as early as possible.
  2. It is itchy at first but it goes away eventually.
  3. Don't be afraid to modify - you gotta live life too.
  4. Try to out-last a friend, I've had no one to complain with.
Finally, this being my first and only attempt at a playoff beard thus far in my life, know that when you stop shaving, all your dreams come true.

Apparantly the sens will have to make one more species extinct... GO SENS!
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