Saturday, May 12, 2007

Oh yeah!

I recommend that you rewatch Thursday night's game, but instead of Bob "take your pills" Cole, just listen to "Oh yeah" by the once-famous Swiss electronica band Yello (I have embedded the song for your listening pleasure).

The Sabres were so sloppy all the sens could do was sit back and say 'oh yeah', then go on and win the game. 19 turnovers? That sounds like a value-packed breakfast item at a restaurant, but it makes for a rather pitiful defensive hockey game.

I expect tonight's game to be just as action packed, and I believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the Senators to win their first Game 2 of these playoffs. If we win tonight, then the Sabres may just be deflated for the rest of the series. They are the Senators of old, with growing expectations and frustrating playoff inconsistancy.

Does sens GM John Muckler look like a freaking genius right now or what?! Preissing is playing some awesome hockey, Corvo is chipping-in when needed and Oleg Freakin' Saprykin scores the game-winning goal in Game 1 of Round 3!

(btw: what an obvious and suprizingly fun nick-name! Originally Oleg got the title because we were supposed to get someone good at the trade deadline, ie: "...instead we got Oleg Freakin' Saprykin!", and now it has turned into a term of endearment).

Looking forward to tonight's game, I expect a much different Sabres team, and the first Game 2 win of these playoffs for the sens!
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