Saturday, May 19, 2007

TorPeteo: This is the greatest day of my life

That's right, mark this day on your calendar's--Saturday, May 19, 2007--as the best day in the life of TorPeteO.

Well, so far. I mean, until the Sens win the next series.

What an incredible game, by all players, on both teams. First, I'm going to congratulate Chris Drury on an outstanding game. Saved two or three goals with shot blocks, and fearlessly stood in front of the Sens' net despite almost being hit in the face, and then actually getting hit in the face, and then re-joining his team in overtime. If the Sabres keep Daniel Briere and let Drury walk, it will be the worst mistake the franchise will have ever made. Period.

With the niceties out of the way, incredible effort by every Ottawa Senators player. I was a little disappointed when I saw Oleg Saprykin removed from the lineup; not that I don't think Patrick Eaves is a great player, but Saprykin had earned his spot. Bryan Murray's decision was justified with the win, however.

Daniel Alfredsson, by virtue of his tide-turning game winning goal, deserved the first star. Bar none. He marched in on a three-on-one, and somehow kept the puck on his stick and found a hole in Ryan Miller - who also had a steller game. A very close second star, however, was Dany Heatley. With some outstanding backchecking throughout the game, a great effort to get the puck out of the zone for Alfredsson on the second goal and strong positioning on the first goal.

Also with an outstanding effort was Ray Emery, who I'm proud to announce is Star 2B. Some incredible saves, especially on the wraparound chance, kept the Sens in the game at times, and was outstanding.

Third star was Jason Spezza, with a great pass to Heatley on the first goal and an easy tap-in for the second. And Star 3B, I'm as surprised as you are, is Wade Redden. God, this is so hard... Mike Comrie was probably the fourth star. I think Mike Fisher was star 3B. God... I can't even describe the way I feel about this team right now.

To hell with not getting too high for wins, I'm going to go ahead and stay this high. Outstanding. Go Sens go!

Editor's (Ben's ) Note: The Senators were only barely better than the Sabres in this game - I guess that's what overtime is for. What I really want to talk about is Elgin Street in Ottawa. Following the game a parade formed. A freaking parade. I'm not too good about estimates, but I'm going to say at least a thousand people marched from Ottawa's bar district to Parliament Hill. It was amazing, it showed what sports can do to a city, to allow us to rally around a single cause and show how proud we are of our team. Look for it tomorrow, it'll be all over the papers.

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